Are you butterfly, dragonfly or bee?

Let’s have some fun.  I am a butterfly, a dragonfly, a bee and me!  You can also be a butterfly, a dragonfly, a bee and you too!  “What’s that?” you say,” has Amanda gone mad, lost the plot, been on the sauce?”   No, I haven’t.  What I would like to express is that we are all marvellous, magical beings.  We are born to be exactly that.  We are born to go through many transformations.  The new way is for us to be supported, encouraged, and accepted. Not bullied or made to feel guilt and shame.

I am not here to be liked by everyone, I am here to love and be loved for being me.  The person I was born to be. I know it’s a hard one for many people to say out loud, because our society tells us we must be likeable; meaning to be compliant, obedient, willing, accepting, and yielding. This is particularly so for girls. We must be happy, told to smile, rarely complain and, most of all, NEVER, EVER challenge others.  What a world to be born into!  It’s time for us to be the people we are born to be.  We come into this world with a beautiful blueprint, however, we are then manipulated, manhandled and told what to do by those who we are told to trust but actually could hold us back.  This happens in schools predominantly, starting with the rule that we mustn’t go to the toilet unless the teacher says so.  THAT is the first lesson for many of us, that we are not in control of our own bodies and destiny.  How many of you remember wetting your pants, or someone else wetting their pants.  This is trauma.  This is the start of the transformation from being the person you were born to be, into the person society thinks you should be.

NOW, travel forward a few years.  It’s school exam time.  It’s time to choose your exam subjects, with the view to your career or university place. We are told to make choices that WILL have an impact on the rest of our life.  Did you make the best choices?  Many of us didn’t.  We live with these decisions.  This is trauma.

We go through many situations and changes that are out of our control from birth to adulthood, mostly unconsciously.  When we are conscious of who we are now, we have the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves.

The title of this blog is ARE YOU A BUTTERFLY, DRAGONFLY OR BEE because they are beings that are exactly who they are born to be.  Each goes through a transformation naturally with no interference from others.  In fact, if there is interference, they are damaged (trauma).

The butterfly, dragonfly and bee don’t wait for life to happen to them.  They don’t wait for the perfect moment, they don’t have self-doubting thoughts about who they are.  They take every moment of their lives living their purpose, following their innate wisdom to become the beautiful beings they are. Just imagine, when we live our lives connected to our infinite intelligence, how spectacular we become!

Many cultures around the world believe the butterfly, dragonfly and bee carry divine energy.  If you believe that too, you can channel this divine energy and carry it with you. When you are feeling low or stuck, laugh and play instead. Even if you are not a believer of this thinking, you can still imagine you are seeing the world through the eyes of these glorious beings.  It won’t take away your memories but it will change your mind.  It may bring you a new perspective and it may encourage you to move forward to becoming the person you were born to be.

Marcus Aurelius The last Roman emperor of the Pax Romana, an age of peace, calmness and stability said:-  “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.” 

Now is the time to be what you are meant to be, a wonderful loving compassionate human being. Remember, becoming who you are born to be is an ongoing evolutionary process.  Be aware of not allowing others to hold you back or to fan the flames of fear inside you. Instead harness new energy and make decisions that encourage you to become everything you want to be.

It’s taken me over 40 years to realise that I was responsible for becoming the person I was born to be.

So, “just be”.  We strive to get to a point of “just being” because we’re told to just be yourself.  What if we don’t know who we are? 

Take a look at our previous blog “7 Steps to Ignite Your Brilliance and Sparkle”, this will help you to discover your wonderfulness and learn to BE.

Here’s a few Be’s to get you started:-

BElieve in yourself – you are born to be awesome, listen to your intuition

BE self-aware – with self-awareness comes trust, listen to your thoughts

BE in the moment – connect to your Higher Self 

BE conscious – of the language you use when you think and talk about the person you are

BEing doesn’t mean waiting for things to happen. It also doesn’t mean listening to others and what they think you should do.  

Stay grounded and humble. Concentrate and work on the foundations of who you are and what you want, by creating these strong foundations you will not fail. 

NOW, let’s look at that word fail and reframe it. Failure is part of life, just like breathing. Who wants to stop breathing?   Failure teaches us to grow and develop.  It gives us opportunities to try new things, to change how we do things, to shake things up!

As babies we fail all the time, in fact, we are encouraged to fail to improve our development. As adults we have great fears of failing.  I wonder when life changes from being encouraged to fail to being discouraged to fail.  Do you remember that change? 

Here’s a quiet process for you to practise to help you remove the pain of that transformation.  Find a space to be on your own, feel safe and relaxed.  If you feel comfortable closing your eyes, please do that, otherwise lower your gaze.  Take 3 deep breaths and begin to focus on the feelings that come up for you when you think about your first feeling of failing and who made you feel or told you that you had failed.  Sense where that feeling is in your body and send it some love.  Stay in the moment and only think about sending yourself and that space love, with the intention of bringing peace to your body.  Our bodies hold trauma as much as our minds.  When you learn to give your body love and space to recover you can release how you feel.

We see so many of our clients come to us who don’t see themselves for who they are, and are not conscious of their wonderful essence. When they begin to peel away the conditioning of their surroundings and listen to their inner thoughts and feelings, instead of other people’s thoughts and feelings about who they think they should be, then they begin to see their inner truth and their beauty.  They emerge as beautiful beings and once they have started their transformation they never want to go back to that old way of being. We are multi-dimensional beings. Therefore it makes sense that we transform many times. We become more self-aware and make daily choices consciously, choosing new beliefs, actions, behaviour and feelings.

Transformation stages. The Butterfly, The Dragonfly and The Bee all begin life in a different stage to the stage they end life at. They go through major metamorphosis to become the final version of themselves.  They develop and grow wings.  Metaphorically we do too!  Perhaps the difference is that they don’t try to be anything else.

Are you aware of people around you who try to change you?  They use things like judgement, blame, shame, guilt or even try to justify why you should change.   I find it interesting that when people say “you’ve changed”, it is taken as a bad thing when actually change is good. Without it we stagnate. Change is evolution. Without change we stagnate and die.

We can learn to heal the past as humans and release our pain.  We can accept who we are and embrace our transformation and learn to fly.

To summarise.  Be open to what comes your way.  Look out for opportunities that can improve your life.  Be conscious of the language you use internally and externally. Remember to channel your butterfly, dragonfly and bee whenever you are going through a tough time, you want to feel inspired, uplifted, see things from a new perspective and most importantly gain balance in your life. Be true to you.  Be yourself