Conscious Creators Membership Program

Your coach in your pocket!  Everything you need to create and live a conscious, joyful life…


Your Blueprint To Freedom

If you’re stuck, disillusioned with life, bored, unfulfilled, desperate to make changes – any or all of the above – then the CONSCIOUS CREATORS Membership Program gives you everything you need to change and achieve the Joyful Freedom you crave, living life just the way you want to!

Increasing AWARENESS leads to different PERSPECTIVES enabling us to create new INTENTIONS for our lives empowering CHANGE and achieving JOYFUL FREEDOM!

why join?

Find the freedom to live a conscious life
with clarity, confidence & clear communication, withOUT
losing yourself in overwhelm, doubt and uncertainty

Learn from experienced Conscious Creators how to get clear on who you are, what you want and how to achieve it

Access tools showing you how to live consciously by raising your awareness, gaining the confidence to explore different perspectives and choices

Learn and implement daily practices to keep you on track

Join a community of like-minded people on a similar “break free” journey


Learning to live a Conscious Life encourages development of awareness, perspective and intention leading to change and freedom


Your coach in your pocket! Abundant resources all in one place, whenever you need them, to support you on your journey


A wealth of resources in multiple formats to suit your learning style, keeping you inspired and motivated


Submit your questions as you think of them so they’re out of your head and into our Inbox – they will get answered every week


Share, learn, support, inspire and celebrate with like-minded people on similar journeys – keeping you on the path to Joyful Freedom!


Access to 1-2-1 and group coaching and live events, all at hugely discounted prices – or even FREE!

6 week Challenge
Get started on the road to Joyful Freedom!

Start Living Consciously

6 weeks of revelation making the shift to living a conscious and joyful life

Weekly Group Coaching Call

A deep dive into the weekly theme,  personalising the challenge just for you 

Weekly Intention Plan

Daily action steps, keeping you inspired and moving forward

Community Group

A place to keep you accountable to the promises you make to yourself

Who Consciously Created The Membership Program?

Amanda and Kathy have over 15 years of experience individually offering coaching and NLP practitioner services.  When they connected 2 years ago, they realised they share a passion in helping people take control of their lives, empowering them to make changes, so they can live the life they want rather than settling for a life that just happens to them.  This is true conscious living.

Amanda and Kathy were inspired to be “stronger together”, recognising the power of connection and collaboration and this led them to create the Conscious Living membership program and coaching services.  The membership is an app-based program for Conscious Creators designed to renew your passion, vibrancy and enthusiasm for life.  


We believe that daily inspiration is essential to achieve a consistent conscious life.  We hope you find words that resonate and inspire you here

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